Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Shout Out for New Year's!

Happy New Year!  I can't believe how quickly 2016 has flown by!  Wow!
Do you set goals for the New Year? Do you have kids that you want to teach the importance of setting goals?  Did you know Shout Out can help?
Beyond using New Year's Shout Out at your party to keep your family and guests having fun racing to find matches, you can use Shout Out to encourage new and good habits.

Food and Fruits &Vegetables Shout Out encourage good eating for the New Year.  Looking to learn something new?

Hobbies Shout Out is loaded with ideas ... including fun sports and exercise.

Thinking of traveling abroad?  Or have always wanted to learn a language?  Many of the Shout Out games are a terrific way to review vocabulary in any language.

Looking to spend more time with the kids?  Shout Out games can help.  So quick and easy to set up, play and clean up, they are the perfect thing to pull out anytime -- at home, in the car, at a restaurant, waiting in line.  A great way to have fun and interact with your kids, whether you have 2 minutes or an hour.  Once you start, you can't stop.

To play Shout Out, each person gets a card.  The remaining cards are placed face up in a pile.  Each card has one, and only one match, with every other card.  Compare your card to the pile to find your match and shout out when you find it.  The first person to find the match takes the card.  Collect the most cards to win.  Bet you can't play just one round!

Etsy Shop:
Teachers Pay Teachers:

New Year's Shout Out:
Food Shout Out:
Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out:
Hobbies Shout Out:
Bilingual Games:

Shout Out Games come in 3" and 5" cards that can be cut into circles or squares.  They also include printable storage and gift boxes.

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Friday, November 25, 2016


Have you seen this new #LIGHTtheWORLD video?  I love it!! It encourages us to serve as Christ served for the 25 days until Christmas.  It parallels the great acts of love and service Jesus performed with small acts of service we can give to those around us.

I can't wait to introduce this to my kids and the Cub Scouts that I work with.  Daily service will truly bring the Spirit of Christ into the season.

In order to help my kids, Cub Scouts and myself, I created a couple things:  Service Shout Out which illustrates 11 different ways to offer service and "LIGHT the WORLD" gift boxes, to add small gifts, trinkets or candies.  Each of these are FREE.  I hope that you can use them in your homes, classrooms and churches too.  Wouldn't it be amazing if this year we truly light the world by bringing hope and light to one person at a time with our service?

Service Shout Out can be played normally by racing to find your match and shouting out as you find it.  But it can also be used to prompt service ideas.  Choose a card and do one of the four illustrations today. (example: yardwork, cleaning, bake and give cookies or raise and donate money).  OR Choose two cards, find the one match between them and make that your focus of service today.

LIGHT the WORLD printable Gift Boxes are perfect for gifting small candies, stickers, trinkets, pictures or more this month.  You can also place the Service Shout Out cards in the Light the World boxes to tie service and this initiative together.

DOWNLOAD all games and boxes from my FREEBIES page.

Please Pin and share these downloads with others!

For more service ideas and videos, see

For more Shout Out Games, visit Rise and Shout on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.  Shout Out games come in 40+ themes including holidays (Christmas, Nativity), learning (abc's, numbers), bilingual practice (medical, shapes & colors), religious (LDS, Symbols of Christ) and more.

The Red Headed Hostess has a collection of ideas and printables from many different bloggers to help with #LIGHTtheWORLD.  Thank you for spotlighting Service Shout Out.

The thoughts and opinions expressed here, are my own. or have not endorsed my thoughts, blog or products.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Printable Storage and Gift Boxes-FREEBIE

Hobbies and Sight Words 1 pictured.
Letter R Sound and Numbers 1-100 
Simple, functional and, of course, darling!  Now Shout Out Games come with printable boxes to store or gift your games in!  With two layouts, the boxes will store either the 3" or 5" cards.  The 3" cards tuck nicely into a "crayon box" style container that has a lid that tucks into itself.  The larger box has a lid and bottom. One side of the box has the Shout Out label, the other side has a gift tag.  These two Generic boxes are perfect for all Shout Out Games.  Find them in the FREEBIES.

We're also in the process of creating new boxes for existing games.  Available immediately for the holidays, we have game specific boxes for Nativity, Christmas and Symbols of Christ Shout Out Games.  They are included in the game downloads on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.  I love the labels on the side so that if you have a stack, you can pull out your favorite!

I love, Love, LOVE that now you can download, print and gift Shout Out games with supplies you have at home.  Perfect for last minute gifts for friends, family, neighbors, bus drivers, birthdays, holidays and more!

Visit us on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers to download your game and box today.
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fruit and Vegetable Shout Out and FREEBIE

I'm "berry" excited to introduce the "pear"-fect game to play while you learn more about fruits and vegetables.  Shout Out is a fast paced game where players race to find their match.  (Each card has one and only one match with every other card).  Whether you're a teacher introducing food groups, a parent trying to get your tot excited about eating new vegetables or a nutritionist reminding your clients of all the wholesome foods available to them, Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out will be 'grape' fun for the whole family!  (Links below)

Food Shout Out is another great option for healthy eating:
Shout Out games come in both 3" and 5" sizes which can be cut into circles or squares.

 Some people prefer 5" size when working with young children in classroom settings or with special needs.

Also included in this listing are BONUS GIFT CARDS that are very 'punny.'  Shout out encouragement to those you love.  Acknowledge the great work others are doing. Put them in lunch boxes, give them with a vegetable or fruit or attach to a Shout Out game.
-You're 1 in a 'melon'!
-You are 'pear'-fect!
- I'm s'peach'less!
- Bravacado!
- You are 'berry' nice.
- Grape job!

(Gift cards are also available free in the FREEBIE section)

Rise and Shout is on both Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.  Currently over 40 games are listed on Etsy.  The Teachers Pay Teachers Store is gradually growing.  Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out is located in both.
While you're in the shops, check out other great games for the holidays or learning.  On Etsy, you may enter a code to get discounts on a bundle you create:
Use SAVE2 for $2 off $10
Use SAVE5 for $5 off $20
Use SAVE 10 for $10 off $30

Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out with 3" and 5" cards
RiseandShout on Etsy:

Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out with 31 3" and 5" cards
RiseandShout on TpT:

Artwork by Kaylie Paulson

To cut out your 3" cards in perfect circles, use a circle punch found at your local craft store or use a link below. (I may receive small referral bonus for all purchases)

For adorable 3" tins to store your games, see:

4 oz Metal Steel Tin Flat Container with Tight Sealed Twist Screwtop Cover (3 pack) + Labels (Free Shipping, but not Prime)

Screw Top Round Steel Tins, 4oz (24 Per Pack) (more cost efficient, Free Shipping with Prime)
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

General Conference Freebie

Looking for a way to remind your class or visiting and home teaching families about General Conference?  Or perhaps you want to invite your friends and neighbors to join in?  Or, maybe, you want to share on social media?  Whatever the reason, download this General Conference Announcement Freebie 4x6, today.

(File comes in a PDF with all US time zones and one non-time specific.  There are also separate .jpg files for each US time zone.  Photo centers generally like .jpg files.  For at home printing, or printing at office centers, PDF files are easier.  Print size: 4x6 inches)

For ideas on How to Help Listen to General Conference, including games, see here.

Click here for more FREEBIES

Click here to shop for LDS Shout Out Games

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Friday, September 9, 2016

General Conference Giveaway

We've had a couple crisp mornings which remind me that fall and General Conference are just around the corner.  To celebrate this great time, we've partnered with some great bloggers and creators to bring you a General Conference Giveaway.

(For my readers who are unaware, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a world-wide conference twice a year in which its leaders address the 15 million members throughout the world.  More information can be found at

The raffle has ended, but the savings haven't. Some shops are continuing their discounts through General Conference + "Learn as we Go" has great links to free General Conference resources.  Check them out today.

-A General Conference Kit from LoriFillmore filled with three of her printable games to keep your kids happy, quiet and paying attention during conference. (downloadable)
Lori would also like to offer a 50% off discount to anyone who pins or shares an item from her shop on social media and sends a message through Etsy to let her know what you pinned.

 Fruits of the Spirit Magnets from WordyWisdom, These bright and colorful magnets bring are a fun reminder of the Spirit. They'd be great on a refrigerator, white board or school locker.  WordyWisdom is offering a 15% discount throughout the raffle with code CONF15 that applies to magnet sets, printables, journals, etc-- anything in my lil' shop! 

-Temple Cards from Card Creations (shipped free to US addresses.  Winners outside of the US will forfeit this prize)  These cards are true collectibles.  Each one has a beautiful photo of the temple, as well as detailed information.  Great to learn from on the Sabbath Day or Family Home Evening.
Card Creations is also offering 15% off throughout the Conference with code GENCONF

- 5 LDS Shout Out Games from RiseandShout  This includes LDS Shout Out that can be used during General Conference to encourage listening.  (For ideas, see here)  Prophet Shout Out which has pictures with their names of all the presidents of the Church from Joseph Smith to Thomas S. Monson and all of the current First Presidency and Quorum of the 12.  Symbols of Christ Shout Out which has images and words which describe common symbols of Christ like gift, head, son, etc.  Baptism Shout Out which is perfect for preparing for baptism or as a baptismal gift.  Singing Time Shout Out has over 31 different ways to sing songs without added props or preparation.  To find out how to play Shout Out, see here. (all Shout Out Games are printable downloads)
RiseandShout is offering a discount of 20% through Conference with code GENCONF20

In addition, we've partnered with a couple LDS bloggers who are writing special posts for General Conference:
Learn as We Go has a post on General Conference Resources for Primary Leaders

Sister Work Style has a post about Sunday Style

We'd love to hear about your favorite General Conference Activities or Traditions in the comments below.

(Raffle runs Saturday September 10 - Sunday September 18)

The Giveaway has ended. Congrats to Heather D!
Please check your email to claim your prizes. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Singing Time (& Speech Time) Shout Out

At church, I help the Primary children ages 3-11 learn songs that help them learn principles about a monthly topic and for a performance in the fall.  One of the best ways to learn the songs is repetition, repetition, repetition.  But the key is helping the kids have fun while they sing the same songs over and over again, and that's why I created Singing Time Shout Out.  (Repetition is also often the key in Speech Therapy.  My SLP friends can see some ideas below)

Singing Time Shout Out has 31+ ways to sing without any added preparation or props.  Sing it loud, or soft, without the piano, with your eyes closed, play hot potato or hot and cold.  There are many different options.

For young children (Junior Primary):  I hand each child a card.  If they have been singing well, I have them choose one of the six images which indicates how to sing the song next.

For older children (Senior Primary):  I have them compare their card to the person's card next to them.  Each card has one, and only match, to every other card.  When they find the match, we sing according to that image.

Singing Time Shout Out comes with 31 playing cards.  It also has some extra cards to facilitate some of the games, including Hot Potato and Red Light, Green Light.

For an independent review of Singing Time Shout Out and for more Singing Time ideas, see:

Speech Therapists:  Most of the different ways to sing are also compatible with different ways to speak.  Practice saying words with emotions, loud, soft, use a mirror, crazy voices, clap or drum the syllables, fast, slow, say the word/phrase 1, 2, 3 or 4 times or more.  The only two symbols which are less compatible with speech are "without a piano" and "musical instruments."  For "without a piano", I would recommend trying to say a phrase in a monotone voice.  For "musical instrument" I would have the client speak in a sing song voice or repeat a sound as if playing an instrument.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Now on Teachers Pay Teachers, Too

SHOUT OUT for TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS!  After several requests and teachers and therapists who got lost trying to find Shout Out Games, I'm now on TpT too.  I'm still in the process of uploading all of the Shout Out games (it takes TIME), but I've got a good selection up and DISCOUNTED for my Grand Opening.  They are only $2 this week.

Please let me know what you think.  If it takes off, I'll quickly add more games.  (If I'm missing a game you are dying to have, contact me)

To shop on Teachers Pay Teachers:

To continue shopping my full selection of games on Etsy:

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Speech Time Fun

Three of my sons have been in speech therapy for articulation.  Much of their "homework" is based on repeating a sound over and over through different words or sentences.  In consultation with their therapist, I created different Shout Out games that focused on the sounds that they are learning and working on.
Right now, my youngest son is working on his /k/ sound.  So, I created a game which has 31 words that begin with the letter K.  Each card has six images on it and every card has one, and only one match, with every other card on the deck.  Players find their match and shout out.  Whoever finds the most matches wins.  It can also be played solo by racing a clock to see how fast you can get through the entire deck.  (For more play ideas and videos, see Ways to Play)

My middle son has been working on his R sound, so ... there's an R sound.  The school speech pathologist works in a small group.  Two of the students think very quickly and are quick to understand and play the game on their own.  She takes the other two students, who have additional special needs, to the side and helps them.  She shows them one card, points and has them say the name of each object.  She then shows them the second card and they say each object.  She then lays down the two cards together and asks, "What two pictures are the same?"  Even though her emphasis is articulation, she is also helping them develop cognitive skills and prepping them to play the game on their own later.
The school SLP also teaches at the middle school and has found that the older students enjoy the competition and challenge.  How often can you find a game that works with preschool to middle school and beyond?  (Another friend has told me that she uses them with her geriatric patients at the nursing home.)

Currently, Shout Out for articulation can be found for the following letters/sounds:
K, L, R, S, Th, V, W

If you are working on other speech goals, some of the Holiday, School or other Shout Out games may be helpful.

Many of these games have come from suggestions from SLPs and their client needs.  Please let me know what sounds or themes you'd like to see.  Email me:

Shout out games come in 3", 5" or a bundle with 3" & 5".  They are an instant download printable which can be cut in circles or squares.  Feedback I've gotten, is that SLPs like the 3" size if they travel between schools or clients.  (I like to put mine in a metal tin and keep in the bottom of my purse to prevent boredom when we're waiting at sports practices.)  When working with preschool clients or clients with other special needs, the larger 5" size makes viewing and handling the cards a little easier.  The 5" cards can be placed in a zipped pencil binder bag for easy transportation.  The Dollar Store also currently has plastic sandwich boxes which hold the games perfectly.

Sign up for my newsletter to receive an instant discount download code.

Or create your own BUNDLE and SAVE using the following:
SAVE2 for $2 off $10
SAVE5 for $5 off $20
SAVE10 for $10 off #30

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

FREEBIE School Mini-Sample Shout Out

School's starting and to celebrate (or ease the mourning) we're GIVING AWAY a FREE Game - School Shout Out!
This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to Shout Out.  Whether you are welcoming new students to your classroom, working with a client in speech therapy or teaching ESL or a foreign language, School Shout Out is a great way to work on the vocabulary your children need to feel comfortable in school.

To play: Each card has one, and only one match to every other card.  Find your match first and Shout Out.  Collect the most matches to win.  (Click here for more Ways to Play, including large group or solo play)

Shout Out comes in many themes to help you learn as you play.  Sight Words are ideal for preschool, kindergarten and ESL.  We have beginning Letter Sounds which are perfect for speech therapy (elementary, middle and high school, even geriatric patients),  and young students learning their letters and sounds.  Seasonal themes, hobbiesnumbers and colors & shapes are all great for ESL or foreign language studies (Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian, etc).  Holiday and birthday themes help celebrate throughout the year.  Specialized themes for the LDS market and Scouting are also available.

School Shout Out is a "mini sample."  It comes with 13 cards with 4 cards on each card.  (Standard Shout Out has 31 cards with 6 pictures per card.)  Both 3" and 5" cards are included. In the Etsy store, every game theme is available in the 3" size and many are available in the 5" size.  There are also discounted bundles which offer both sizes.  Some people love the convenience of the 3" size.  Others enjoy the larger pictures on the 5" size.  For either size, you can cut the game into squares or circles.

Download your mini-sample FREE School Shout Out Game here.

For a discount on your next order from RiseandShout, sign up for our newsletter here.

Shop at RiseandShout here.

Find more Freebies here.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Sight Words Made Fun

As a mother with 5 kids at home, I've had my turn with flashcards  ... and tears and whines.  As my son enters kindergarten this year, I cannot bear the thought of doing it again.  That's why I'm creating a whole line of Sight Words Shout Out.  My kids LOVE to play and will play again and again.  Each time they play they reinforce their learning.

In Shout Out, each card has one, and only one match, with every other card.  In standard play, each player has a card and there is a pile in the middle.  If you find your match to the pile first, Shout Out, then take the top card.  Play continues until the pile is gone.  Count your cards.  The player with the most cards wins.

But what do you do when your child hasn't mastered all 31 words in the game?  There's a few fun and alternative ways to play.

1.  If you are working on learning a specific word (let's say "funny"), hand your child the deck.  Point to the word you are teaching on the image page.  Tell them to find the 6 cards with the word "funny" (each deck has each word listed 6 times).  To make it more fun, set a timer to count down or use a stopwatch to see how long it takes.

2.  Beginning readers may have trouble initially reading and matching all the words.  Another way to play is by placing the pile face up in the center.  The players race to read ANY of the words on the pile.  If they read a word first, they take the card.  Collect the most cards to win.

See How to Play Page for other ideas.

One of my kid's teachers explained to me that sight words are truly "sight" words.  Kids learn them by their general size and shape, not sounding them out.  They may guess with the initial sound and basic shape ... and that's okay.  It's all part of learning.  Playing Shout Out will help them recognize the words by color and general shape.  Don't worry if they occasionally guess wrong.  It's all part of the learning process. Correct them and move on.  If they're having fun, then they'll want to play over and over again.  And as they repeat, they'll learn.  Before you know it, they'll be reading books!

Each game of Sight Words comes in 3 a bundle with 3" and 5"cards.  All games can be cut in circles or squares.  (I use a 3" circle punch for the smaller cards).  There also printable storage boxes.

Sight Words 1 - Dolch Pre-primer (preschool)

3" & 5" Bundle Sight Words 1 Shout Out  on Etsy

Sight Words 1 on TPT

Sight Words 2 - Dolch Pre-primer and Primer (preschool and kindergarten)

3" & 5" Bundle Sight Words 2 Shout Out on Etsy

Sight Words 2 on Teachers Pay Teachers

Sight Words 3 - Dolch Primer (kindergarten)

3" & 5" Bundle Sight Words 3 Shout Out on Etsy

Sight Words 3 on Teachers Pay Teachers 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Baptism Shout Out

I can't believe it -- This Saturday I get to attend the baptism for my nephew Ryan!  It's been a while since I've seen him, so I'm so excited that our trip coincides with his baptism.  I've been packing and getting ready, but I couldn't pass up this great opportunity to make him his own Baptism Shout Out game.
My brother teaches in 7 turning 8-year olds in primary and has been asking for this game since January, but there's nothing like a deadline to make it a reality.  He wants to use it at the end of lessons to keep them reminded up their upcoming baptisms, or the baptisms they just had.  (I think he's also a bit tired of hangman).
The images on these cards include religious like a girl being baptized, scriptures, a dove, and sacrament trays.  There's also practical images like a towel, clothes and a camera. There's 31 images in all.
Playing at the beginning or end of a lesson, whether in primary or at home, is perfect with Baptism Shout Out.  A child (or adult) can even race the clock and play solo. Each round only takes a couple minutes, and you can play as many or as few rounds as you want.  To play, pass out one card to each player.  Place remaining cards face up in the center.  Each card has one, and only one match, to the center card.  Find your match first and Shout Out.  Collect the most matches to win.

To purchase Baptism Shout Out, click here.
For other LDS games, click here

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Favorite, Most Versatile Game

Hobbies Shout Out has so many uses and is so versatile, that it's my favorite game!
As a mother, I love playing Hobbies Shout Out during the summer when my kids say "I'm bored."  Yes, it is fun to play for the couple of minutes it takes to play a few rounds, but as they play it also stimulates their imagination on all of the things they could do ... play sports, music, dance, sing, garden, hike, etc.  By the time we finish playing they usually have an idea of what they want to do next.  When they've been begging for screen time, I've handed them a card and told them to pick one activity to do for 30 minutes first.  Often they get so enthralled in the activities that they forget about the screens (at least for a little while).

I also LOVE languages and cultures and people.  This game is full of VERBS.  One of the worst and most frustrating parts of learning foreign languages is learning all the different tenses and conjugations of verbs. Hobbies Shout Out is a great way to learn and review and repeat (and repeat and repeat) verbs while having fun. Each card has one, and only one other match to every other card. Find the match and Shout Out.  But, if you are practicing your verbs, you can play a round saying the words in first person present (I ski.  I read.  I garden.  I sing.  I watch movies.  I draw.)  Next round, change the tense or the person.  (Yesterday he read.  Yesterday he sang. ...) If you print and copy the pages, its instant homework.  Just have the students write sentences using the illustrations. Or copy the image map to learn all 36 verbs.  There's room for students to
write in the verbs above each picture.  Perfect for any language: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean or more.

Not only is this helpful for learning foreign languages, its wonderful for speech therapy or ESL.  English is awful for its inconsistencies and irregular verbs.  Students and clients can review how to conjugate words in English (Yesterday he sang.  Today I sing.  Tomorrow we will sing.)

Shout Out Games are also great for writing prompts.  Stuck on what to write about?  Grab a card and try to create a story using all of the images.

How do you use Shout Out?  Who do you use it with?  Where do you play and learn?  Let me know in the comments.

Download, print and play today. Link:  Hobbies Shout Out

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wedding Bells are Ringing

It's June and wedding season has officially opened (although I know they happen all year ... I was married in May).  Engagements and weddings bring together friends and family from both the bride and grooms side.  There's many social occasions - engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding breakfasts or luncheons and receptions - bringing many people together.  Help break the ice by playing Wedding Shout Out.  It's so easy that children can join in, but challenging for even the most competitive of adults.  Each card has one, and only one, match with every other card on the deck.  Find your match first and Shout Out.  Get the most matches and WIN!  First time players learn in seconds how to play.  Soon the bride and groom's friends and families will be laughing and playing together like long lost friends.

Or add a game as a card for the bride and groom attached to a gift or gift card.

A personalized Wedding Shout Out would also make an ideal Save the Date announcement, Wedding Favor or gift for the flower girl or ring bearer.  Just contact me for details.

Click here for Wedding Shout Out.
Find other great Shout Out Games Here
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Graduation Time

Graduation is a huge milestone in the lives of students -- whether it be graduation from preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school or college.

This year so many people that I love and admire are graduating.  My son graduates from preschool.  My nephew graduates from high school. One brother-in-law is graduating from Brigham Young University.  Another from The Violin Making School of America.  My brother graduates from dental school.  Such exciting times for my family!  So many new and exciting adventures await.

To celebrate all these Graduations, I'm offering a FREEBIE Graduation Card.  They can be paired with any gift, but are especially ideal with a Shout Out game.

I've also created an exciting fun filled Graduation themed Shout Out game.  Perfect for everyone from preschool to college.  I'm always amazed at how this can unify any group.  Of course, your graduate may be looking forward to a Road Trip or Summer Vacation and I've got games for that.  Your younger graduates from preschool or kindergarten may benefit from ABC or Number Shout Out games to keep their minds sharp this summer.  I love taking mine along to the beach or in the car.

Summer Shout Out

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