Thursday, March 31, 2016

My 7 year old son handed me a list of words which all started with "th" and asked me to make a game for his speech teacher.  Who could turn down a request like that?
We've had fun with "R" and "L" Shout Out Games.  It's a fun and easy way to 'practice' what he's learning in speech therapy without the monotony and frustration of flash cards.  While we are scanning the cards looking for the match, we often practice saying the beginning sound.  So, we get practice saying the sound alone and then in a word as we Shout Out the match.  You could also play the game by using the word in a sentence.  "I spy _________"  I spy a thimble.  I spy a thermometer.
My preschooler also loves seeing a reviewing these games as he learns his letter sounds and begins to try to sound out words.  "Th" Shout Out is a great way to introduce the often confusing sound combination of t+h.  He's given some of the other Shout Out games to his preschool teachers when they match the letter of the week.  The kids love to have the game in their reading center.  Teachers love that they can review and learn as they play.
I'd love to hear what other ways you use Shout Out in your families, classes and therapy sessions.  Do you only use it in the classroom? Do you make copies of pages and send it home to practice?  Do the kids make their own games?  Do you learn and review the sound of letters with an emerging reader?  Or do you just play for fun for the whole family?
Find Th Shout Out here.
Find L & R Shout Out and other Speech Games here
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Road Trip and Car Games

Spring break is here at my house and that means, "Road Trip."  I love that I can turn off screens in the car.  Some of my best conversations happen in the car ... on the way to and from an activity or on long road trips.
I may enjoy not having screens for a little while, but that doesn't mean that I don't want an activity to help everyone enjoy the trip and stimulate conversation.  (and if they're busy, they're less likely to fight or ask if we're almost there).
I like adapting Road Trip Shout Out to play in the car.  Instead of matching something from one card to another card, we look outside and try to find a match.  For example, if my card has a fire truck and we see one and Shout Out, then we get another card.  My kids can compete on who can get the most cards while we're running errands.  Or if I only have kid in the car, we can set a goal on how many cards we'll find before we get to the store.  Here's the link for Road Trip Shout Out
In the midst of looking out the window and playing, it's fun to hear what other things they notice and what questions they have.
Growing up, we loved to find ABC's in the car.  I still like doing this with my own kids.  Sometimes we pull out one of the ABC Shout Out games for a variation.  We see who can find all the letters on their card first.  It also helps my preschooler to be reminded of what the letters look like while we are driving around town.  Follow this link for ABC Shout Out bundle
What games do you play in the car?

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Basket Dilemma

What do you put in your Easter baskets?  Seems like each year we debate again.  Grass?  Too messy.  Plastic eggs?  Real eggs?  Candy! of course, but how much?  Other trinkets or small gifts?    We don't want this to turn into Christmas.  Books? Perhaps.  Maybe something to help them learn?
I always love when we have something small to help them remember the Atonement and Resurrection.
I'd love to hear what your family does in their baskets.  Please leave a comment below.
If you'd like to download, print and add a Shout Out Game to their basket, use EASTER30 for 30% off.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Help them Listen to General Conference

The next two weekends are so important and amazing to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This weekend is Easter and we celebrate with all Christendom.  The first weekend in April is when all members of the LDS Church, come together for a General Conference.  There are 8 hours of uplifting and inspirational speakers from our Church leadership, including remarks from Apostles and Prophets today.  Everyone, member and those of other faiths, are invited to tune in to all or part of these proceedings at

As much as we look forward and love these worldwide meetings, sometimes they can get a little long, especially for kids.  Did you know that LDS Shout Out can help you pay attention and learn?  During a talk, take one card from the pile.  Each card has 6 images.  If the speaker talks about one of the objects, take another card.  The person who collects the most cards WINS.  See who can find the most matches during one talk, one session or all of conference.  (Of course, everyone is a winner who listens and applies the teachings they hear!!)

Grab a LDS Shout Game, print it out, cut it and you're ready to play.
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LDS Shout Out
Other LDS themed Games
Rise and Shout Shop - 30+ games

LDS PROPHET Matching Game Shout Out BUNDLE; 3" & 5" cards; General Conference, Primary, Youth, Sunday School, Easy: Print, Cut, Learn, PlayUPDATE:  I now have a Prophet and Apostles Shout Out Game.  Each prophet's name is written on their picture. Learn to recognize the face of each of the presidents of the Church from Joseph Smith to Thomas S Monson, plus all of the current apostles of the Church.  Recognizing the speakers, or being able to put a face to a name when past presidents are quoted, helps make Conference more interesting.
Buy LDS Prophets Shout Out here:

(Please pin to your General Conference, LDS, FHE, Sabbath Day, Primary, YW, YM or Sunday School boards)

For a FREEBIE General Conference Invitation April 2017, click here

To celebrate the Prince of Peace this Easter and the initiative, download a free lesson/activity and game:

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter I Spy Freebie

Whether your Easter Sunday starts with Easter baskets, worshiping in church and teaching a Sunday School lesson or a large family gathering and dinner, games can help remind us of the meaning of Easter and bring friends and loved-one together to laugh and play can make this an Easter full of memories.
To help with make your Easter special, I've made an Easter I Spy Freebie.  (Includes one I Spy sheet and answer key) You may also like the Symbols of Christ Easter Shout Out, Easter Shout Out or Spring Shout Out available in my shop.  The many learning games can also be a fun addition to an Easter Basket. Get 30% off now with EASTER30.  Please pin and share.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Remembering Christ throughout the Day

Everyday symbols and parables are so valuable in remembering important lessons in life.  Jesus frequently used them in His teachings.  I was reminded of their importance in the past 24 hours.  Last night we played "Symbols of Christ" Shout Out, and this morning as I made school lunches, I reflected on why Christ was called the 'Bread of Life.'  Then as I brushed my wiggly 2 year-old's hair, I thought of the many ways that Jesus is 'the Head.'  When I sang ABC, I pondered on how He is the "Alpha and Omega" (A to Z).  Common objects helped me grow closer to my Savior today.  What symbols of Christ help you remember Him in your everyday life?

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