Monday, March 28, 2016

Road Trip and Car Games

Spring break is here at my house and that means, "Road Trip."  I love that I can turn off screens in the car.  Some of my best conversations happen in the car ... on the way to and from an activity or on long road trips.
I may enjoy not having screens for a little while, but that doesn't mean that I don't want an activity to help everyone enjoy the trip and stimulate conversation.  (and if they're busy, they're less likely to fight or ask if we're almost there).
I like adapting Road Trip Shout Out to play in the car.  Instead of matching something from one card to another card, we look outside and try to find a match.  For example, if my card has a fire truck and we see one and Shout Out, then we get another card.  My kids can compete on who can get the most cards while we're running errands.  Or if I only have kid in the car, we can set a goal on how many cards we'll find before we get to the store.  Here's the link for Road Trip Shout Out
In the midst of looking out the window and playing, it's fun to hear what other things they notice and what questions they have.
Growing up, we loved to find ABC's in the car.  I still like doing this with my own kids.  Sometimes we pull out one of the ABC Shout Out games for a variation.  We see who can find all the letters on their card first.  It also helps my preschooler to be reminded of what the letters look like while we are driving around town.  Follow this link for ABC Shout Out bundle
What games do you play in the car?

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