Friday, April 22, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway and Pre-sale

Shout Out for TEACHERS!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!
Did you see the banner above for details about my Teacher Appreciation Sale?  I can't wait any longer to start showing the love I have for my kids classroom teachers, speech teacher, and "special" teachers (art, science, gym, computer/library, Spanish).  So, I'm giving away 3 games to one lucky winner.  

But that's not all.  I think we need to have a Pre-sale to get ready.  Use coupon code TEACHER30 to get 30% off now until April 27.  And don't worry, if you win the raffle, I will refund up to three games you've purchased between today (4/22/16) and Wednesday (4/27/16), so there's no reason to wait.  Buy yours today -- for your teacher, for yourself, for your children or grandchildren.  

Don't forget about our Freebie Gift Cards for teachers, thank you's and more!

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Big News! New 5" Cards

Big news!  Shout Out is being rolled out in a new 5" size too.  After talking with speech therapists and teachers who love using Shout Out, they suggested that a larger size might be helpful in therapeutic and classroom settings.  Their wish is my command!

Now it is easier for each person to easily see the pile, look at the card and find the matching image.  (Each card has one match with every other card).  Shout Out your match first and get the card.  Get the most matches and WIN!

I love the new large size for sitting around a table or in small group settings.  Most teachers enjoy the convenience of the simple square layout that makes cutting a breeze.  Storing the new size is easy: The 5x5 size fits easily into a pencil zipper case for easy travel.  Or slip the cards and the image map into a page protector and keep all your Shout Out games in a binder.  There are also many plastic or file containers for 5x7 photos that are perfect to hold a deck or two of cards.

L words, R words and Th Words Shout Outs are available immediately in the large 5" size or bundled with the standard 3" files. (links below)  I love the versatility of having both available.  The 3" size is perfect for throwing into a bag to take along to restaurants, parks or to pull out while waiting a practice.  Either way, you can't go wrong.  It's great to learn as you play and enjoy your kids.

I will be gradually creating 5" files for each of the games.  Please let me know if there is a specific game that you'd like to see LARGE.  I'll do the most popular requests first.

And a big thank you to the teachers and speech therapist who suggested the larger size.  I'm always happy to hear suggestions or how you use your games at home, school, therapy or more.

L Words Shout Out Bundled 3" & 5" sizes:
L Words Shout Out LARGE 5" size:

R Words Shout Out Bundled 3" & 5" sizes:  In Shop later today
R Words Shout Out LARGE 5" size:

Th Words Shout Out Bundled 3" and 5" sizes: In Shop later today
Th Words Shout Out LARGE 5" size:

To view all learning games, visit:

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rise and Shout, a New Game is Out! - Number Value Manipulative Shout Out

So adorable!  I don't think I've ever said that about math or numbers before, but this has been one of my favorite games to design.

Teaching kids what a number really represents lays a foundation for their future success in math.  Teachers use a variety of manipulatives - dice, blocks, tally marks, ten frames, dominoes - to reinforce number knowledge.  This fun filled, quick paced matching game builds on their budding math skills.  Perfect for teachers and students.  Great for Friday Fundays, math centers, or for taking along on trips to the beach or Family Fun Night.

To play, each player starts with a card and the remaining cards are left on the pile.  Each player compares their card to the pile to find a match.  Amazingly, there is one match, and only one match, to every other card on the deck!  (It's a little higher math to figure out how to do that!)  Find and Shout Out your match first to get the card.  Grab the most cards and WIN!

All new games are reduced to $2.50 for the first week. :)
Download, Print, Cut and Play your game today:
Number Values Shout Out

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Freebie Cards - Teacher Appreciation, Thank You, Affirmation

I love teachers!  I love my past teachers - elementary, middle, and high school.  I love my Sunday School teachers.  I can't express enough my gratitude for my children's teachers.  Teachers open up new worlds of wonder and new ways to think and grow.  A teacher's influence lasts much longer than the school day.  Their influence permeates and accentuates every aspect of life for years and even generations to come.  The best teachers not only enrich the mind, but develop character and enrich the soul.  They deserve our deepest respect and gratitude as they nurture and care for our children.

As a token of my gratitude to all teachers, I've created these Teacher Appreciation, Thank You and Affirmation cards as Freebies.  These are great for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week (May 3/First week in May 2016) or for end of the school year.  Print them out and a personal note on the back.  If you'd like, add them to a small gift.  For an inexpensive, quick, easy and witty gift, pair them with a Shout Out Game that teachers can use in the classroom or at home.  (Pairing suggestions are on the card)

Discover many games teachers, parents and children might like at RiseandShout on Etsy.

All Teachers: Holidays, Hobbies, Road Trip, Summer (coming soon)

Preschool/Kindergarten, 1st Grade: ABC Shout Out, Numbers Shout Out, R Words, L Words, Th Words, Sight Words, Shapes and Colors, Spring

Special Teachers (Gym, Art, Music) - Hobbies Shout Out, Road Trip, Singing Time

Language Teachers (ESL, Spanish, French, etc, Speech Therapists) - Hobbies (verbs), Shapes and Colors, Numbers, R Words, L Words, Th Words

Sunday School Teachers; Symbols of Christ (non-denominational), LDS, Prophets

***Please note:  I'm adding new games weekly.  Please check my shop for the most current selections***

The cards are available on my Freebies Tab.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Best of Etsy Learning Shops Giveaway

I feel so honored to be chosen by The Purple Alphabet as one of the Best Learning Shops on Etsy.  Thank you.  The Purple Alphabet does YouTube reviews of games and activities to learn by play.  I love how she turns normal inexpensive items into learning activities.  She also has videos on busy bags to take along to restaurants, etc.  (I hope Shout Out makes it into a bag!)

If you watch this video on the right, you'll see my printable Shout Out games highlighted at minute 2:05. It includes a brief "how to play" explanation.  She also thumbs through the different pages of the digital download pages.

But you'll probably want to watch the entire video to see the other great Etsy Shops which receive the honor of being called the Best of Etsy Learning Shops.   I'll put the links below.

Best of all, each of the Best of Etsy Learning Shops agreed to donate one product for a GIVE AWAY.  I LOVE the other products and I think you will too. Enter to win $20 Gift Certificate from Rise and Shout or other great prizes. ENTER TO WIN A GIVEAWAY ITEM (ends on 4-8-16 at 5:59pm Pacific Time):

Products highlighted in Video:
The Laminatrix Flowers Montessori 3-part cards:
Therapics Daily Calendar:

Rise and Shout ABC Letters Matching Game:

MamaMayI Toddler Wooden Memory Game:
RootsClothWorks Honey Bee Anatomy Felt Board:

Therapics - 10% off using code THEPURPLEALPHABET (expires 4-15-16)
Rise and Shout - 20% off using code MELANIE20 (expires 4-9-16)
MamaMayI - 20% off using code PURPLEALPHABET (expires 4-30-16)

Friday, April 1, 2016

We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet

Prophet Shout Out
 UPDATED: Now with NAMES on each image. Sharing time ideas below!!
Woohoo!! Just in time for General Conference, learn to recognize all of the modern prophets from Joseph Smith to Thomas S. Monson, plus the current 12 Apostles and First Presidency.  In this fast paced fun game, each card has one (and only one match) with every other card in the deck.  Try to find your match first and Shout Out.  If you find your prophet first, take the card.  The player with the most cards WINS.

During Conference you can use Prophet Shout Out game cards to recognize the current speaker.  Have children find all 6 pictures in the deck of the prophet or apostle as they speak.

After Conference as a review in Family Home Evening, hand a card to each family member.  Can you remember what one of the speakers on your card spoke about or was quoted?

Use this game in Primary, Sunday School, Young Womens or Young Mens to introduce a lesson or fill in time at the end.  I love how fast we learn as we play.

SHARING TIME IDEAS:  A friend of mine is using Prophets Shout Out in Sharing Time.  She is going to play "Bingo Style" by handing one card and six candies to each child.  She will then call out the name of a prophet or apostle.  If they have that person on their card, they mark it.  Once they have covered all the faces, they call out "Follow the Prophet".   She will then have pictures from the gospel art kit of all the latter-day prophets.  The "winner" will choose a picture and she will read some of the facts from the back.  Then they'll play again and choose more prophets.  In the end, everyone is a winner when they get to eat their six candies:)

You may also love LDS Shout Out.  Read a post here about how to use it to pay attention during Conference.

Use the discount code FAMILYNIGHT1 during checkout to receive $1 off $5 or more.

Find Prophets Shout Out here
Find LDS Shout Out here
Find other LDS and religious games here

The adorable artwork on this game is all original work by the talented Debbie Wood from AHeartofWood on Etsy.

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