Saturday, April 2, 2016

Best of Etsy Learning Shops Giveaway

I feel so honored to be chosen by The Purple Alphabet as one of the Best Learning Shops on Etsy.  Thank you.  The Purple Alphabet does YouTube reviews of games and activities to learn by play.  I love how she turns normal inexpensive items into learning activities.  She also has videos on busy bags to take along to restaurants, etc.  (I hope Shout Out makes it into a bag!)

If you watch this video on the right, you'll see my printable Shout Out games highlighted at minute 2:05. It includes a brief "how to play" explanation.  She also thumbs through the different pages of the digital download pages.

But you'll probably want to watch the entire video to see the other great Etsy Shops which receive the honor of being called the Best of Etsy Learning Shops.   I'll put the links below.

Best of all, each of the Best of Etsy Learning Shops agreed to donate one product for a GIVE AWAY.  I LOVE the other products and I think you will too. Enter to win $20 Gift Certificate from Rise and Shout or other great prizes. ENTER TO WIN A GIVEAWAY ITEM (ends on 4-8-16 at 5:59pm Pacific Time):

Products highlighted in Video:
The Laminatrix Flowers Montessori 3-part cards:
Therapics Daily Calendar:

Rise and Shout ABC Letters Matching Game:

MamaMayI Toddler Wooden Memory Game:
RootsClothWorks Honey Bee Anatomy Felt Board:

Therapics - 10% off using code THEPURPLEALPHABET (expires 4-15-16)
Rise and Shout - 20% off using code MELANIE20 (expires 4-9-16)
MamaMayI - 20% off using code PURPLEALPHABET (expires 4-30-16)

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