Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Favorite, Most Versatile Game

Hobbies Shout Out has so many uses and is so versatile, that it's my favorite game!
As a mother, I love playing Hobbies Shout Out during the summer when my kids say "I'm bored."  Yes, it is fun to play for the couple of minutes it takes to play a few rounds, but as they play it also stimulates their imagination on all of the things they could do ... play sports, music, dance, sing, garden, hike, etc.  By the time we finish playing they usually have an idea of what they want to do next.  When they've been begging for screen time, I've handed them a card and told them to pick one activity to do for 30 minutes first.  Often they get so enthralled in the activities that they forget about the screens (at least for a little while).

I also LOVE languages and cultures and people.  This game is full of VERBS.  One of the worst and most frustrating parts of learning foreign languages is learning all the different tenses and conjugations of verbs. Hobbies Shout Out is a great way to learn and review and repeat (and repeat and repeat) verbs while having fun. Each card has one, and only one other match to every other card. Find the match and Shout Out.  But, if you are practicing your verbs, you can play a round saying the words in first person present (I ski.  I read.  I garden.  I sing.  I watch movies.  I draw.)  Next round, change the tense or the person.  (Yesterday he read.  Yesterday he sang. ...) If you print and copy the pages, its instant homework.  Just have the students write sentences using the illustrations. Or copy the image map to learn all 36 verbs.  There's room for students to
write in the verbs above each picture.  Perfect for any language: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean or more.

Not only is this helpful for learning foreign languages, its wonderful for speech therapy or ESL.  English is awful for its inconsistencies and irregular verbs.  Students and clients can review how to conjugate words in English (Yesterday he sang.  Today I sing.  Tomorrow we will sing.)

Shout Out Games are also great for writing prompts.  Stuck on what to write about?  Grab a card and try to create a story using all of the images.

How do you use Shout Out?  Who do you use it with?  Where do you play and learn?  Let me know in the comments.

Download, print and play today. Link:  Hobbies Shout Out

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