Friday, August 19, 2016

Speech Time Fun

Three of my sons have been in speech therapy for articulation.  Much of their "homework" is based on repeating a sound over and over through different words or sentences.  In consultation with their therapist, I created different Shout Out games that focused on the sounds that they are learning and working on.
Right now, my youngest son is working on his /k/ sound.  So, I created a game which has 31 words that begin with the letter K.  Each card has six images on it and every card has one, and only one match, with every other card on the deck.  Players find their match and shout out.  Whoever finds the most matches wins.  It can also be played solo by racing a clock to see how fast you can get through the entire deck.  (For more play ideas and videos, see Ways to Play)

My middle son has been working on his R sound, so ... there's an R sound.  The school speech pathologist works in a small group.  Two of the students think very quickly and are quick to understand and play the game on their own.  She takes the other two students, who have additional special needs, to the side and helps them.  She shows them one card, points and has them say the name of each object.  She then shows them the second card and they say each object.  She then lays down the two cards together and asks, "What two pictures are the same?"  Even though her emphasis is articulation, she is also helping them develop cognitive skills and prepping them to play the game on their own later.
The school SLP also teaches at the middle school and has found that the older students enjoy the competition and challenge.  How often can you find a game that works with preschool to middle school and beyond?  (Another friend has told me that she uses them with her geriatric patients at the nursing home.)

Currently, Shout Out for articulation can be found for the following letters/sounds:
K, L, R, S, Th, V, W

If you are working on other speech goals, some of the Holiday, School or other Shout Out games may be helpful.

Many of these games have come from suggestions from SLPs and their client needs.  Please let me know what sounds or themes you'd like to see.  Email me:

Shout out games come in 3", 5" or a bundle with 3" & 5".  They are an instant download printable which can be cut in circles or squares.  Feedback I've gotten, is that SLPs like the 3" size if they travel between schools or clients.  (I like to put mine in a metal tin and keep in the bottom of my purse to prevent boredom when we're waiting at sports practices.)  When working with preschool clients or clients with other special needs, the larger 5" size makes viewing and handling the cards a little easier.  The 5" cards can be placed in a zipped pencil binder bag for easy transportation.  The Dollar Store also currently has plastic sandwich boxes which hold the games perfectly.

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