Friday, September 9, 2016

General Conference Giveaway

We've had a couple crisp mornings which remind me that fall and General Conference are just around the corner.  To celebrate this great time, we've partnered with some great bloggers and creators to bring you a General Conference Giveaway.

(For my readers who are unaware, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a world-wide conference twice a year in which its leaders address the 15 million members throughout the world.  More information can be found at

The raffle has ended, but the savings haven't. Some shops are continuing their discounts through General Conference + "Learn as we Go" has great links to free General Conference resources.  Check them out today.

-A General Conference Kit from LoriFillmore filled with three of her printable games to keep your kids happy, quiet and paying attention during conference. (downloadable)
Lori would also like to offer a 50% off discount to anyone who pins or shares an item from her shop on social media and sends a message through Etsy to let her know what you pinned.

 Fruits of the Spirit Magnets from WordyWisdom, These bright and colorful magnets bring are a fun reminder of the Spirit. They'd be great on a refrigerator, white board or school locker.  WordyWisdom is offering a 15% discount throughout the raffle with code CONF15 that applies to magnet sets, printables, journals, etc-- anything in my lil' shop! 

-Temple Cards from Card Creations (shipped free to US addresses.  Winners outside of the US will forfeit this prize)  These cards are true collectibles.  Each one has a beautiful photo of the temple, as well as detailed information.  Great to learn from on the Sabbath Day or Family Home Evening.
Card Creations is also offering 15% off throughout the Conference with code GENCONF

- 5 LDS Shout Out Games from RiseandShout  This includes LDS Shout Out that can be used during General Conference to encourage listening.  (For ideas, see here)  Prophet Shout Out which has pictures with their names of all the presidents of the Church from Joseph Smith to Thomas S. Monson and all of the current First Presidency and Quorum of the 12.  Symbols of Christ Shout Out which has images and words which describe common symbols of Christ like gift, head, son, etc.  Baptism Shout Out which is perfect for preparing for baptism or as a baptismal gift.  Singing Time Shout Out has over 31 different ways to sing songs without added props or preparation.  To find out how to play Shout Out, see here. (all Shout Out Games are printable downloads)
RiseandShout is offering a discount of 20% through Conference with code GENCONF20

In addition, we've partnered with a couple LDS bloggers who are writing special posts for General Conference:
Learn as We Go has a post on General Conference Resources for Primary Leaders

Sister Work Style has a post about Sunday Style

We'd love to hear about your favorite General Conference Activities or Traditions in the comments below.

(Raffle runs Saturday September 10 - Sunday September 18)

The Giveaway has ended. Congrats to Heather D!
Please check your email to claim your prizes. 

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  1. My family has a secret breakfast cake that only the 'priesthood' can make. Fn for the women to be out of the kitchen (until cleanup).

  2. Conference waffles one chocolate the other vanilla with neapolitan ice cream between them can be toped with chocolate and or strawberry syurp and whip topping.

  3. Conference waffles one chocolate the other vanilla with neapolitan ice cream between them can be toped with chocolate and or strawberry syurp and whip topping.

  4. We trade off between the secret breakfast cake, and belgian waffles with homemade strawberry whipped cream! I love merging my family traditions with those of my husband's family.

  5. Our favorite tradition is making cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning.

  6. Favorite thing to do is to make a General Conference notebook. It includes things to do before conference, a place to write down thoughts and concerns as well as an activity packet.

    1. Love that idea. Do you have a favorite way to make the notebook? I love the Conference Notebook from My Computer is My Canvas:

  7. Replies
    1. ♥️ Bingo too. Now we use LDS Shout Out cards for it.

  8. Topic skittles. We choose a different topic per speaker and get a skittle for eaxh time they say that word.