Friday, November 25, 2016


Have you seen this new #LIGHTtheWORLD video?  I love it!! It encourages us to serve as Christ served for the 25 days until Christmas.  It parallels the great acts of love and service Jesus performed with small acts of service we can give to those around us.

I can't wait to introduce this to my kids and the Cub Scouts that I work with.  Daily service will truly bring the Spirit of Christ into the season.

In order to help my kids, Cub Scouts and myself, I created a couple things:  Service Shout Out which illustrates 11 different ways to offer service and "LIGHT the WORLD" gift boxes, to add small gifts, trinkets or candies.  Each of these are FREE.  I hope that you can use them in your homes, classrooms and churches too.  Wouldn't it be amazing if this year we truly light the world by bringing hope and light to one person at a time with our service?

Service Shout Out can be played normally by racing to find your match and shouting out as you find it.  But it can also be used to prompt service ideas.  Choose a card and do one of the four illustrations today. (example: yardwork, cleaning, bake and give cookies or raise and donate money).  OR Choose two cards, find the one match between them and make that your focus of service today.

LIGHT the WORLD printable Gift Boxes are perfect for gifting small candies, stickers, trinkets, pictures or more this month.  You can also place the Service Shout Out cards in the Light the World boxes to tie service and this initiative together.

DOWNLOAD all games and boxes from my FREEBIES page.

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For more service ideas and videos, see

For more Shout Out Games, visit Rise and Shout on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.  Shout Out games come in 40+ themes including holidays (Christmas, Nativity), learning (abc's, numbers), bilingual practice (medical, shapes & colors), religious (LDS, Symbols of Christ) and more.

The Red Headed Hostess has a collection of ideas and printables from many different bloggers to help with #LIGHTtheWORLD.  Thank you for spotlighting Service Shout Out.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Printable Storage and Gift Boxes-FREEBIE

Hobbies and Sight Words 1 pictured.
Letter R Sound and Numbers 1-100 
Simple, functional and, of course, darling!  Now Shout Out Games come with printable boxes to store or gift your games in!  With two layouts, the boxes will store either the 3" or 5" cards.  The 3" cards tuck nicely into a "crayon box" style container that has a lid that tucks into itself.  The larger box has a lid and bottom. One side of the box has the Shout Out label, the other side has a gift tag.  These two Generic boxes are perfect for all Shout Out Games.  Find them in the FREEBIES.

We're also in the process of creating new boxes for existing games.  Available immediately for the holidays, we have game specific boxes for Nativity, Christmas and Symbols of Christ Shout Out Games.  They are included in the game downloads on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.  I love the labels on the side so that if you have a stack, you can pull out your favorite!

I love, Love, LOVE that now you can download, print and gift Shout Out games with supplies you have at home.  Perfect for last minute gifts for friends, family, neighbors, bus drivers, birthdays, holidays and more!

Visit us on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers to download your game and box today.
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fruit and Vegetable Shout Out and FREEBIE

I'm "berry" excited to introduce the "pear"-fect game to play while you learn more about fruits and vegetables.  Shout Out is a fast paced game where players race to find their match.  (Each card has one and only one match with every other card).  Whether you're a teacher introducing food groups, a parent trying to get your tot excited about eating new vegetables or a nutritionist reminding your clients of all the wholesome foods available to them, Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out will be 'grape' fun for the whole family!  (Links below)

Food Shout Out is another great option for healthy eating:
Shout Out games come in both 3" and 5" sizes which can be cut into circles or squares.

 Some people prefer 5" size when working with young children in classroom settings or with special needs.

Also included in this listing are BONUS GIFT CARDS that are very 'punny.'  Shout out encouragement to those you love.  Acknowledge the great work others are doing. Put them in lunch boxes, give them with a vegetable or fruit or attach to a Shout Out game.
-You're 1 in a 'melon'!
-You are 'pear'-fect!
- I'm s'peach'less!
- Bravacado!
- You are 'berry' nice.
- Grape job!

(Gift cards are also available free in the FREEBIE section)

Rise and Shout is on both Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.  Currently over 40 games are listed on Etsy.  The Teachers Pay Teachers Store is gradually growing.  Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out is located in both.
While you're in the shops, check out other great games for the holidays or learning.  On Etsy, you may enter a code to get discounts on a bundle you create:
Use SAVE2 for $2 off $10
Use SAVE5 for $5 off $20
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Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out with 3" and 5" cards
RiseandShout on Etsy:

Fruits and Vegetables Shout Out with 31 3" and 5" cards
RiseandShout on TpT:

Artwork by Kaylie Paulson

To cut out your 3" cards in perfect circles, use a circle punch found at your local craft store or use a link below. (I may receive small referral bonus for all purchases)

For adorable 3" tins to store your games, see:

4 oz Metal Steel Tin Flat Container with Tight Sealed Twist Screwtop Cover (3 pack) + Labels (Free Shipping, but not Prime)

Screw Top Round Steel Tins, 4oz (24 Per Pack) (more cost efficient, Free Shipping with Prime)
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