Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Printable Storage and Gift Boxes-FREEBIE

Hobbies and Sight Words 1 pictured.
Letter R Sound and Numbers 1-100 
Simple, functional and, of course, darling!  Now Shout Out Games come with printable boxes to store or gift your games in!  With two layouts, the boxes will store either the 3" or 5" cards.  The 3" cards tuck nicely into a "crayon box" style container that has a lid that tucks into itself.  The larger box has a lid and bottom. One side of the box has the Shout Out label, the other side has a gift tag.  These two Generic boxes are perfect for all Shout Out Games.  Find them in the FREEBIES.

We're also in the process of creating new boxes for existing games.  Available immediately for the holidays, we have game specific boxes for Nativity, Christmas and Symbols of Christ Shout Out Games.  They are included in the game downloads on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.  I love the labels on the side so that if you have a stack, you can pull out your favorite!

I love, Love, LOVE that now you can download, print and gift Shout Out games with supplies you have at home.  Perfect for last minute gifts for friends, family, neighbors, bus drivers, birthdays, holidays and more!

Visit us on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers to download your game and box today.
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