Friday, December 1, 2017

Service Shout Out

UPDATED: Dec 2017 on sale 50% off throughout December.
FREEBIE game below.
It's time to #lighttheworld with service throughout December.  I love this time of year when everyone is busy looking for ways to help reach out and show love and kindness to others.

I think kids naturally want to help others, but sometimes they feel limited on what they can do or they are stymied on who they can serve.  Service/Kindness Shout Out can help stimulate ideas while you play.  Each deck has 31 ideas of how to serve, all through pictures (so even non-readers can play).  To play, race to find the one, and only one match, on each card.  When you're done playing, you'll be ready to go and do some good in the world today!
As an alternative, you can hand one card to a child and have them choose what they want to do on it.
FYI -  There are two backing options:  "Service Shout Out" or "Kindness Shout Out".  The printable storage boxes also come with both titles.  So, call it whichever you want.

To download, print and play Service Shout Out today:
On Etsy: Service Shout Out
On Teachers Pay Teachers: Service Shout Out

I think character education is so important to our children, that I've also created a FREEBIE mini-Service game.  It only has 13 ideas and cards, but is the perfect size to print out and send home with children.  While printing in color is more fun, for large classes, you can also print in black and white.  Students can cut out their own games in circle or square shapes.

Download the FREEBIE mini-Service Shout Out Game. 

I'd appreciate it if you PIN or Share these games on Social Media.  Thank you.

Download Free "Light the World Boxes" to use for gifts or donations from:

Keep the "Christ"-mas Spirit this year!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Introducing X-Out

Wow!  When I introduced this game to my kids, I couldn't get them to put it down!  I knew that I had to make the rough draft into something that you all would love.  Right now there is a FREE mini version for School X-out available here.  It includes a mini-board with 12 objects.  I've also made a standard game which includes a Standard Board with 30 objects and 2 Mini Boards.  Of course, all games have instructions (both written and pictured), plus image keys.  The first version in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop is Letter R Sound X-out.  If you guys like this game, let me know so I can make more versions.  (Also, message me if you're looking for a specific theme.)
X-out is a "Guess What" game.  To play: 1. Circle an object on the chart on the left for the other player to guess.  2. Then the youngest player asks  a"yes" or "no" question. 3. X-out any objects that are not your mystery object with a dry erase marker.  4.  Players continue alternating asking yes/no questions until they narrow down their mystery object and ask "Is it _____? correctly.  (HINT: Use a manila folder to hide your board from your opponent.)
Prepping the game couldn't be easier:  1. Print 2 game boards.  2. Place in a sheet protector or laminate.  3. Use a dry erase marker to X-out your board.

SPEECH THERAPISTS:  Use to reinforce questions, how to answer questions, articulation, social interaction and more.

WORLD LANGUAGES:  Play in a new language.  Perfect for learning to ask questions and increasing vocabulary.  There are two image keys. One is labeled.  The second is intentionally left blank so you can write in the names of objects in the language of your choice.

TEACHERS:  Great for teaching logic and problem solving.  Place in centers, use as brain breaks or reinforce thematic skills (sight words, Letter Sounds, shapes, colors, numbers, and more -  new themes being published soon.)

Happy playing!
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Biggest sale until Black Friday ... stock up now for the end of the school year fun, keep learning as you play during the summer and prep now for back to school.
Rise and Shout is on sale on both Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.
Save 55% on Tuesday and 37% on Wednesday 

with code THANKYOU17.
(Teachers Pay Teachers is having their sitewide sale.  Get an additional 10% off my incredible sale prices! Plus pick up great deals from your other favorite stores)

Shout Out Games are great for all ages.  Preschool, kindergarten, special education, language (Spanish, French, German ...), ESL, speech language pathologists and more all love to play.  Do you have a game theme suggestions?  Let me know!

Thank you Teachers!
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Monday, May 1, 2017

Shout Out for Mom

Ok, I admit, I got my inspiration for this craft from 5 minute Crafts. I was looking for a simple, fun craft for Mother's Day and my kids LOVED the fish they saw on Facebook.  After a quick sketch and copy, my kids were having a great time coloring their own face and making it go from a small simple smile to a toothy grin, or filling their mouth with words they'd like to Shout Out.

Of course, all mom's deserve a Shout Out - motherhood has its challenges and women throughout the world rise to meet those adventures of life with strength, hope and faith.  Let's give them a Shout Out today!


1. Print out the template:
      + Face Template for Mom:
     + Face Template Generic (can be used for anyone):

2. Fold the paper down in half.

3. Pull the bottom corners up and match with the fold line up top. (the bottom and top lips in the picture should barely touch)

4. Decorate.

Don't forget to pair with your favorite Shout Out Games!  Mothers may enjoy:

Service Shout Out on Etsy / on TpT
Spring Shout Out on Etsy / on TpT
Hobbies Shout Out on Etsy / on TpT
Food Shout Out on Etsy / on TpT
Medical Shout Out on Etsy / on TpT
Baby Shout Out on TpT
Career/Community Helpers Shout Out on Etsy / on TpT

or any of the other 50+ learning and holiday Shout Out Games on Etsy / on TpT

Don't forget to pin:

Happy Mother's Day
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wild Zoo Animals

Ready to have a wild time as you race to find the matches?  Wild Animal Shout Out is great for preschool and kindergarten kids learning their animals and animal sounds.  Or play with older children and teens to teach animal vocabulary in a second language. 

This is my first venture away from clipart and into real photos.  I noticed with clipart, often my kids wouldn't recognize animals they weren't familiar with in nature.  But, now, my kids are excited when we go to the zoo and they see the animals.

For a funny, alternative way to play, instead of naming the animals, make their sounds instead.  Don't know what sound a giraffe or butterfly make?  Make up your own sounds or words that target sounds or ideas you're emphasizing.  Or make it crazy, like doing raspberries or clicking noises with your mouth.  Soon you'll be rolling with laughter.

Don't forget the Shout Out is an ideal travel game.  Get off the screens at restaurants, practices and other places your waiting around.

Coming soon:  Animal Pets and Farm Animals!

Be one of the first 10 people to pin on Pinterest during the first 24 hours and I'll send you a Wild Zoo Animals digital game.  Email me or contact me on social media to tell me what board you pinned to and what email address I should send the game to.  Here's the pin

Have a "roaring" great time!
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Applying General Conference April 2017

Living Christ by Sentences
Jesus Christ Topical Guide Summary
Wasn't Conference wonderful?  I have tons of things I want to focus on during the upcoming months.  I've prepared a few things to help my family and maybe they'll help yours too.

After Elder Nelson's talk, I was anxious to begin studying all the scriptures about Christ from the Topical Guide -- all 57 topics.  That seemed a bit intimidating to my kids, so I'm encouraging my kids who are 8+ to do the first section summary.  Here is a google document with all of the references (and their links, if you keep it on the screen and not printed):  Jesus Christ Summary from Topical Guide I am encouraging them to write simple notes next to the references on what they learn.  My 10 year old also wants to add notes in the margins of his scriptures.

After the many references to and quotes from the Living Christ, I want to make study of it a prominent part of my family's gospel study.  Each day we already have a morning devotional.  We usually sing a song, memorize the primary scripture of the month, recite an Article of Faith and read a few verses from the Book of Mormon. I'd like to add focusing on one sentence of the Living Christ each week.  So, I placed one sentence on each page so I can rotate them through a frame and keep it posted throughout the week.  I'm going to use the colorful page for my family.  The colors rotate in the order of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), so if you are trying to memorize the whole thing, the colors can give visual reminders.
To download: Jesus the Christ by sentence color
                       Jesus the Christ by black and white


More Fun
Looking for more Easter and religious fun?
Easter Shout Out    Symbols of Christ Shout Out 
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There are also fun learning games, including ABCs, numbers, and world languages at 

May your Easter be filled with the peace which comes from the Prince of Peace,
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Prince of Peace - Peace at Home

 I sat down at the computer to escape the incessant teasing, whining, bickering and murmuring that has filled my home this week.  That is when I saw the announcement from about their #PRINCEofPEACE initiative.  That's what I need.  That's what my home needs.  I can't wait to introduce each of the eight principles to my family and watch the corresponding videos: faith, compassion, forgiveness, repentance, gratitude, God's word, prayer and hope.  (Although my family, as most families, struggle with the daily peace and harmony within the home, read a post on how I received "peace of God, which passeth all understanding" during the passing of three of my children.  This is a peace and understanding that permeates my home, even when small disputations threaten the quiet of my home.)

I created a peaceful home made up of pieces of each of those elements.  During the Holy Week, with my kids each morning, we will take the corresponding piece, show the daily video and discuss how we will implement that value during the day.  At dinner, we'll talk about what worked and how it changed the feeling in our home.  As we each make a concerted effort the invite the Prince of Peace into our home and live the principles of peace, I know that our home will be a peaceful place (Although I'm sure it still won't be quiet!  But happy laughter and voices are sweet music to the soul.)

I've created the Peace at Home image in both black and white and color.  See the links below.

In addition to this mini lesson/activity to use during the week, I created a corresponding Prince of Peace mini Shout Out Game to help us remember each of the essential 8 principles of peace.  In mini Shout Out, each card has one and only one match to every other card in the deck.  (There are 4 images on each card).  Players race to find their match and shout out.  Whoever finds their match first, takes the card.  The player with the most cards wins.  Great for kids, teens and adults - a great family game.
 The free Prince of Peace mini edition has 13 images:  Crown (Prince), Dove (Peace), Book (God's Word), Family Praying, Heart (Compassion), Sun (Hope), U-turn (Repentance), Hug (Forgiveness), Peaceful Home, Thank You note (Gratitude), People Hugging World (World Peace), Smiley face with two fingers up (Peace Sign), and Seed (Faith)
 After playing several rounds of Shout Out, I will print out and cut up the image map with each of the principles.  I will place them around the house on mirrors, the refrigerator, doors, etc, as reminders of what we need to do to have a peaceful house.  Plus, we'll play Shout Out on different days for a fun reminder.  (Better than my nagging ... that alone should lead to more peace!)

Finally, as we feel that promised peace, we want to share it with others.  Either each day, or at the end of the week, I will have each person fill out our "I feel peace when ________" form and I will encourage them to share it online on social media.

I can't wait for Holy Week to start ... actually I won't wait.  We're starting tomorrow!  (although, I guess I have to wait for Holy Week to watch the videos from

Looking for more great ideas.  Lots of bloggers are sharing their ideas and resources for Holy Week.  See the Red Headed Hostess  or Chicken Scratch n Sniff for lots of great ideas or search the hashtag: #PrinceofPeace


More Fun
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There are also fun learning games, including ABCs, numbers, and world languages at 

May your Easter be filled with the peace which comes from the Prince of Peace,
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Careers Shout Out

Aren't these darling?  I love the cute figures representing 31 different occupations and community helpers.  (Okay -- I have to confess, an astronaut may not be a "community helper" but she was just too cute not to include.)

My three year old eyes have lit up as she's discovered the many people who help us each day and what their "jobs" are called.  My college-bound daughter has been trying to decide what to major in.  Amazingly, Career Shout Out has been a great discussion starting point for both.  I love how "play" stimulates the mind.

Download and play today!
Career Shout Out on Etsy
Career Shout Out on Teachers Pay Teachers

Pin to Win!  Be one of the first 10 to pin and receive a link to download this game FREE.  Simply pin and comment below or on social media to let me know your Pinterest name and on which board you posted and I'll send you the link.  Be sure to follow me on social media to hear about the latest games, updates and discounts.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Articles of Faith Shout Out

Shout out for the Articles of Faith!  They were published 175 years ago on March 1, 1842.  The Articles of Faith are 13 declarations of beliefs Joseph Smith wrote in a newspaper to explain the basic tenants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

To celebrate this anniversary, I've created Articles of Faith Shout Out.  There are 31 images which correspond with different Articles of Faith.  For example, a silhouette of a father and son with the number "1" reminds me of the first Article of Faith:  "We believe in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost."  The visual clues for each of the Articles of Faith will help kids remember which is which.

To play, each player takes a card and compares their card to the center pile.  You race to find the one, ways to play"
and only one match, on your card and Shout Out.  The first one to find the match takes the card.  Play continues until all the cards are taken.  There are also variations to play alone or in large groups (up to 31 players).  See: "

Shout Out is perfect to play at home during family home evening or on Sundays, or to play at church to introduce the Articles of Faith or to fill remaining lesson time.

I'm in charge of Singing Time.  I will have an Article of Faith Sunday where I hand out all of the cards.  Then I will have the kids compare their card to the person next to them to find the match.  We will sing the Article of Faith that is the match.  (If you are also in charge of Singing Time, check out Singing Time Shout Out -- it has 31+ no-prep ways to sing and repeat songs.  I play about once a month and the kids always beg to play longer.)  You can review all of the Articles of Faith at home or church the same way ... whatever match you find, you repeat the Article of Faith.

Download and play today.

Articles of Faith on Etsy
Articles of Faith on Teachers Pay Teachers

Get a FREE Game:  The first 10 people to pin the image above and let me know on social media (Facebook or Instagram) will get a link to a FREE Articles of Faith game.  In the comments on Facebook or Instagram, just tell me your Pinterest name and the name of the board you pinned to.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Earth Day Shout Out

Every day should be Earth Day (but FYI, the official date is April 22).  We all have a special responsibility to the Earth, to each other and to the future to care for and use its resources wisely.

With Earth Day Shout Out, there are 31 images that serve as reminders and talking points of what we can do to help conserve and preserve the environment.  From LED and halogen light bulbs, to turning off water while brushing teeth, to walking and biking instead of driving, there are so many different ways we can make small changes in our lives to help.  After playing Shout Out, your kids will naturally brainstorm and think of many different ways to help.

In addition, Earth Day Shout Out provides topics of discussion like energy sources - windmills, nuclear, electrical, coal - and global warming.  A tiger represents the many endangered species across the world.

To play, each person races to find the one, and only one match, on the center pile.  Whoever finds their match first, shouts out.  They take the card and then race to find the next match.  Best of all, Shout Out can be reused over and over again.  If the game ever becomes to worn to play again, you can recycle :)

Shout Out also comes with printable boxes to keep your cards organized.  You can also use the boxes to store trinkets, stickers or awards to give out on Earth Day, or next time you discuss conservation.

(FYI - there are two backing and box options.  One says "Earth Day Shout Out" and the other says "Environmental Science Shout Out."_

Download, print and play today.

Earth Day Shout Out on Etsy

Earth Day Shout Out on Teachers Pay Teachers

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentine's Shout Out and FREEBIE

πŸ’˜Love is in the air and I'm sending Valentine's Shout Out games to all my friends and family who live near and far to let them know how much I care.  One 3" game can be mailed for $.70 postage.πŸ’•

πŸ’I'm also making a bunch for my son's kindergarten class.  He's so excited to give them out on Valentine's day.  The printable boxes have a gift card that says "To:" and "From:"  He'll get lots of practice writing his classmates names, as well as his own.πŸ’Ÿ

πŸ’žThe room mom is taking in a Shout Out game and conversation hearts to play Shout Out "Bingo" style.  She'll give each child a card and 6 candies.  Then she'll draw out of a bowl one of the pictures from the sheet of images included.  When someone covers all their pictures, they'll shout out "Bingo".

πŸ’–I'm keeping the "I Spy" game at home for when the kids are starting to crash from their sugar high.  It should cap the day off perfectly.

LOOK FOR THE SITE-WIDE SALES: 20% off Feb 1-4, 2017

Don't forget the FREEBIES.
  These 3.5" and 5.5" square boxes are a simple craft to assemble and put a special treat.  FiPlll with chocolate, hearts, stickers, a special note or Shout Out games.

* Note that they do not say "Valentine's Day", so they can be used year round -- anytime you want to share a little love or kindness.

Valentine Box Freebie

Two different styles - Teddy bear and a Gem Heart; 3.5" or 5.5"

These cards are great to print and give as gift tags or individual cards.  They can be used with the FREEBIE gift boxes and fill with treats.  OR they are the perfect to pair with your Favorite Shout Out Games.

Valentine Card Freebie

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