Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Earth Day Shout Out

Every day should be Earth Day (but FYI, the official date is April 22).  We all have a special responsibility to the Earth, to each other and to the future to care for and use its resources wisely.

With Earth Day Shout Out, there are 31 images that serve as reminders and talking points of what we can do to help conserve and preserve the environment.  From LED and halogen light bulbs, to turning off water while brushing teeth, to walking and biking instead of driving, there are so many different ways we can make small changes in our lives to help.  After playing Shout Out, your kids will naturally brainstorm and think of many different ways to help.

In addition, Earth Day Shout Out provides topics of discussion like energy sources - windmills, nuclear, electrical, coal - and global warming.  A tiger represents the many endangered species across the world.

To play, each person races to find the one, and only one match, on the center pile.  Whoever finds their match first, shouts out.  They take the card and then race to find the next match.  Best of all, Shout Out can be reused over and over again.  If the game ever becomes to worn to play again, you can recycle :)

Shout Out also comes with printable boxes to keep your cards organized.  You can also use the boxes to store trinkets, stickers or awards to give out on Earth Day, or next time you discuss conservation.

(FYI - there are two backing and box options.  One says "Earth Day Shout Out" and the other says "Environmental Science Shout Out."_

Download, print and play today.

Earth Day Shout Out on Etsy

Earth Day Shout Out on Teachers Pay Teachers

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  1. These Shout Out ideas are genius. SO fun!

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