Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wild Zoo Animals

Ready to have a wild time as you race to find the matches?  Wild Animal Shout Out is great for preschool and kindergarten kids learning their animals and animal sounds.  Or play with older children and teens to teach animal vocabulary in a second language. 

This is my first venture away from clipart and into real photos.  I noticed with clipart, often my kids wouldn't recognize animals they weren't familiar with in nature.  But, now, my kids are excited when we go to the zoo and they see the animals.

For a funny, alternative way to play, instead of naming the animals, make their sounds instead.  Don't know what sound a giraffe or butterfly make?  Make up your own sounds or words that target sounds or ideas you're emphasizing.  Or make it crazy, like doing raspberries or clicking noises with your mouth.  Soon you'll be rolling with laughter.

Don't forget the Shout Out is an ideal travel game.  Get off the screens at restaurants, practices and other places your waiting around.

Coming soon:  Animal Pets and Farm Animals!

Be one of the first 10 people to pin on Pinterest during the first 24 hours and I'll send you a Wild Zoo Animals digital game.  Email me or contact me on social media to tell me what board you pinned to and what email address I should send the game to.  Here's the pin

Have a "roaring" great time!
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Applying General Conference April 2017

Living Christ by Sentences
Jesus Christ Topical Guide Summary
Wasn't Conference wonderful?  I have tons of things I want to focus on during the upcoming months.  I've prepared a few things to help my family and maybe they'll help yours too.

After Elder Nelson's talk, I was anxious to begin studying all the scriptures about Christ from the Topical Guide -- all 57 topics.  That seemed a bit intimidating to my kids, so I'm encouraging my kids who are 8+ to do the first section summary.  Here is a google document with all of the references (and their links, if you keep it on the screen and not printed):  Jesus Christ Summary from Topical Guide I am encouraging them to write simple notes next to the references on what they learn.  My 10 year old also wants to add notes in the margins of his scriptures.

After the many references to and quotes from the Living Christ, I want to make study of it a prominent part of my family's gospel study.  Each day we already have a morning devotional.  We usually sing a song, memorize the primary scripture of the month, recite an Article of Faith and read a few verses from the Book of Mormon. I'd like to add focusing on one sentence of the Living Christ each week.  So, I placed one sentence on each page so I can rotate them through a frame and keep it posted throughout the week.  I'm going to use the colorful page for my family.  The colors rotate in the order of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), so if you are trying to memorize the whole thing, the colors can give visual reminders.
To download: Jesus the Christ by sentence color
                       Jesus the Christ by black and white


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May your Easter be filled with the peace which comes from the Prince of Peace,
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