Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Introducing X-Out

Wow!  When I introduced this game to my kids, I couldn't get them to put it down!  I knew that I had to make the rough draft into something that you all would love.  Right now there is a FREE mini version for School X-out available here.  It includes a mini-board with 12 objects.  I've also made a standard game which includes a Standard Board with 30 objects and 2 Mini Boards.  Of course, all games have instructions (both written and pictured), plus image keys.  The first version in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop is Letter R Sound X-out.  If you guys like this game, let me know so I can make more versions.  (Also, message me if you're looking for a specific theme.)
X-out is a "Guess What" game.  To play: 1. Circle an object on the chart on the left for the other player to guess.  2. Then the youngest player asks  a"yes" or "no" question. 3. X-out any objects that are not your mystery object with a dry erase marker.  4.  Players continue alternating asking yes/no questions until they narrow down their mystery object and ask "Is it _____? correctly.  (HINT: Use a manila folder to hide your board from your opponent.)
Prepping the game couldn't be easier:  1. Print 2 game boards.  2. Place in a sheet protector or laminate.  3. Use a dry erase marker to X-out your board.

SPEECH THERAPISTS:  Use to reinforce questions, how to answer questions, articulation, social interaction and more.

WORLD LANGUAGES:  Play in a new language.  Perfect for learning to ask questions and increasing vocabulary.  There are two image keys. One is labeled.  The second is intentionally left blank so you can write in the names of objects in the language of your choice.

TEACHERS:  Great for teaching logic and problem solving.  Place in centers, use as brain breaks or reinforce thematic skills (sight words, Letter Sounds, shapes, colors, numbers, and more -  new themes being published soon.)

Happy playing!
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Biggest sale until Black Friday ... stock up now for the end of the school year fun, keep learning as you play during the summer and prep now for back to school.
Rise and Shout is on sale on both Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.
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Shout Out Games are great for all ages.  Preschool, kindergarten, special education, language (Spanish, French, German ...), ESL, speech language pathologists and more all love to play.  Do you have a game theme suggestions?  Let me know!

Thank you Teachers!
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Monday, May 1, 2017

Shout Out for Mom

Ok, I admit, I got my inspiration for this craft from 5 minute Crafts. I was looking for a simple, fun craft for Mother's Day and my kids LOVED the fish they saw on Facebook.  After a quick sketch and copy, my kids were having a great time coloring their own face and making it go from a small simple smile to a toothy grin, or filling their mouth with words they'd like to Shout Out.

Of course, all mom's deserve a Shout Out - motherhood has its challenges and women throughout the world rise to meet those adventures of life with strength, hope and faith.  Let's give them a Shout Out today!


1. Print out the template:
      + Face Template for Mom:
     + Face Template Generic (can be used for anyone):

2. Fold the paper down in half.

3. Pull the bottom corners up and match with the fold line up top. (the bottom and top lips in the picture should barely touch)

4. Decorate.

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Happy Mother's Day
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