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Three of my boys needed speech therapy for articulation and so, when I first started making Shout Out games, I created games with the sounds they were working on with their therapist.

They love to race to find the one, and only one, match on each card.  When they find it, they shout it out, and will repeat the target sound over and over while we play.  My kids gave Shout Out games to their "teacher" and she uses them frequently, and not just for her articulation students.

Many SLPs use different themed games, such as Winter Shout Out, to introduce vocabulary to their clients.   Vocabulary sets include all of the seasons, many holidays, as well as Food Shout Out, Baby Shout Out, Road Trip and more coming soon. (links below)

Full of verbs, Hobbies Shout Out is a great way to practice tenses.  (Instead of just shouting out the word, shout out a sentence: "He likes to play sports.  Yesterday she swam.  Tomorrow he will play video games.  I like to camp.")

For younger clients, and those with cognitive delays, Mrs. Donohue will hold up one card and review all of the words on the card.  She will then hold up a second card and review the words.  The client will then compare the two cards to determine the match.  She usually uses with 5" cards with her younger students so they can see the pictures more easily and so they don't crowd each other while jostling to see the card.

As a school SLP in a small district, Mrs. Donohue also works with students in Middle School.  She often uses the 3" cards with those students.  The pace of the game is fast.  She loves that there is little preparation and clean up time, so Shout Out can be a fun, quick and purposeful reward at the end of a session.

Shout Out games come with printable boxes for both sizes of games.  Three inch metal tins are a cute and durable way to store your collection of Shout Out games (Fun hint:  Place magnets on the back to create vertical storage on white boards, file cabinets or refrigerators.  Find your supplies here.)

A surprising game which therapists enjoy, is Singing Time Shout Out.  I originally made this to help me teach children how to sing songs in church.  It focuses on different "methods" or games to play while we repeat the songs over and over again.  Examples are soft/loud, clap the rhythm, silly voices, with expressions, repeat 1-4 times, say it slowly -- over 31 no-prep ideas.  Bring some fun to the repetition in your sessions Singing Time Shout Out is a great, and unexpected, game to play in Speech Therapy.

I'd love to hear how you use Shout Out in your therapy sessions.  What age do you use them for?  Do you ever make copies to send home for the client to work with at home?  Is Shout Out the main focus of your session, or do you use it as a reward at the end?  Please, contact me.  I'd love to include your story (and links to your site or social media).

Teachers Pay Teachers: Rise and Shout
Letters and Sounds Shout Out
Vocabulary Shout Out Games
Holidays and Seasons

Etsy: Rise and Shout
Letters and Sounds Shout Out
Vocabulary Shout Out Games
Holidays and Seasons

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"This is one of my FAVORITE purchases so far! The kids Love to play the game, and they get to practice their sounds at the same time!"  Trisha K, Letter R Sound Shout Out

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